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Dr. Tom Green – AACRAO

You’ve seen a few versions of a Comprehensive Learner Record from other higher education institutions. Your institution has interwoven high impact practices into the fabric of the learner experience; you just don’t credential those today. All this excites you (because you know that students and employers will love it) but hesitant (because you have no idea what it will take to create this). If you are interested in moving from the labyrinth of talking about what it might be like to build something, to the action of implementing a CLR, this is the session for you. Hear from Dr. Tom Green, Associate Executive Director of Consulting and SEM at AACRAO on what to do next if the CLR is a discussion that you want to turn into action.

Bhavesh Bambhrolia – Temple University

Dr. Rodney Parks – Elon University

Insiya Bream – University of Maryland Global Campus

Dr. Erin Seheult – Loma Linda University

It has been a discussion for years. The traditional transcript is limited in what it can do for a learner. It’s a great start, but it  struggles to holistically represent a learner’s education for self-reflection, to allow a learner to tell their own story, or for employers to understand workforce ready skills that were learned during a learner’s academic career. Hear from a group of leading institutions that are launching CLRs in 2021 about why they invested in CLRs, their expected outcomes, and what happens after launch.

Dr. George Kuh – Indiana University

We owe it to learners to ensure that High-Impact Practices, which are intended to enhance the quality of their education, are implemented equitably and with fidelity so that those learners realize the promised benefits. Dr. George Kuh, one of the world’s leading experts on the educational practice, importance, and implementation of High-Impact Practices, will deliver an informative presentation that you won’t want to miss!

Dr. Jasmine Haywood – Lumina Foundation

High Impact Practices are linked to improved outcomes for a multitude of student success metrics. Dr. Jasmine Haywood of Lumina Foundation has funded recent work which revealed that when designed and implemented with equitable outcomes in mind, High-Impact Practices can benefit college students across the board, especially students of color and adults.

Dr. Ashley Finley – AAC&U

The economic benefits of a college degree are clear: no matter their major, people with a college degree are more likely to be employed and earn higher salaries over the course of their careers than people without a degree. Hear from Dr. Ashley Finley about how colleges and universities prepare students for workforce success, what skills and experiences employers think matter the most, and how employers view liberal education as essential to workforce success.

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